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African/African American Studies Minor

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Minor Only

The mission of the Africa and African American Studies (AAAS) program at Rollins College is to foster an awareness of the contributions and impact of people of African descent on the western hemisphere and a greater understanding of the complexity linked to the global African Diaspora.

Minor Requirements (24 credits)

24 credits, including:

  • One core course (AAAS 101)
  • Four (4) elective courses. Two must focus on African-Americans,two must focus on Africa / African diaspora (non-U.S.), two must be at the 300-level or higher and at least one must be outside of the social science division.
  • One experiential learning course (4 credits total)

Core Course (1)

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
AAAS 101 - Introduction to African & African/American Studies

Elective Courses (4)

Four elective courses, two of which must focus on African Americans (U.S.), and two of which must focus on Africa / African diaspora (non-U.S.). Two electives must be at the 300-level or higher. At least one elective must be outside the Social Science division.

Frequently offered elective courses are listed below. For additional options - including rFLA classes (limit one) that can count toward this minor - check the registrar’s schedule of courses. Look for courses with ‘AAAS’ in the Comments field.

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed

Non-U.S. (2 courses)

ANT 200 - Cultural Anthropology
ANT 255 - Middle East Culture
ARH 145 - Introduction to African Art
ARH 243 - Fashion in Africa
ARH 341 - African Art and Colonialism
LAC 200 - Foundations of Latin America and Caribbean Culture & Society
POL 302 - The Politics of Global Poverty

Prereq(s): POL 100 or POL 130.

REL 219 - Islam: Religion and Society
SE 220 - Global Development Challenges and Opportunities


U.S. (2 courses)

CMC 105 - Mindful Activism
CMC 325 - Incarceration and Inequality
EDU 271 - School and Society (AAAS cooordiator approval required)
EDU 280 - Diversity in American Education
ENG 190 - Texts and Contexts (AAAS coordinator approval required)
ENG 222 - Studies Multiethnic Literature
GBH 200 - Introduction to Public Health
GBH 350 - Health Equity

Prereq(s): GBH 200 or GBH 310 

HIS 120 - Decade of Decision (AAAS coordinator approval required)
HIS 125 - History of a City (AAAS coordinator approval required)
SE 320 - Strategies for Changemakers

Prereq(s): SE 100.

SOC 111 - Social Problems
SOC 330 - Social Movements

Prereq(s): any prior SOC class or permission.

SOC 331 - The Civil Rights Movement and Black Freedom Struggle in the United States

Prereq(s): any prior SOC class or permission.

SOC 355 - Race and Ethnic Relations

Prereq(s): one SOC course or permission of instructor.

THE 341 - History of Theatre I: Until 1750
THE 342 - History of Theatre II: 1750-Present

Experiential Learning (4 credits)

Students must complete a total of four (4) credits of experiential learning with AAAS content. Examples include an approved internship, field study, research project with community giveback, community engagement (CE) course (cannot also count as an elective), or other experiences approved by the AAAS coordinator.