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Music Minor

Meet the Faculty

The Virginia S. and W.W. Nelson Department of Music began as a conservatory of music even before the college’s founding in 1885. The program is a charter member – since 1931 – of the National Association of Schools of Music, whose curricula guide the baccalaureate offerings.

Since the conservatory’s restructuring as a liberal arts department in 1966, Rollins has continued to enjoy a reputation as one of the finest schools in the Southeast offering pre-professional music training.

The mission of the department is fourfold:

  • to provide majors the best possible education in performance, historical literature, and theory – the background necessary to pursue graduate work or a career in music;
  • to offer the diverse population of students from both Rollins A&S and the Holt School an opportunity to pursue musical training leading to the baccalaureate/bachelor degree respectively;
  • to open the curriculum to the wider campus community by encouraging non-majors to take courses, including those designed especially for novices;
  • to give all students – majors and non-majors–performance experience through choral and instrumental ensembles and individual training in applied music;
  • to serve as a cultural center for the Central Florida community by presenting performances and master classes of outstanding merit by resident and guest artists; and
  • to offer residents of the Central Florida community an opportunity to study music avocationally.

We are committed to music for all rather than music for the few.

Minor Requirements

Twenty-eight (28) semester hours are required: eight (8) in musicianship, twelve (12) in performance, and eight (8) in electives.

Musicianship Area – Eight (8) semester hours required.

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
MUS 152 - Theory 2 Four (4) semester hours required.

Prereq(s): MUS 151 or consent.

MUS 153 - Keyboard Harmony I Two (2) semester hours required.
MUS 154 - Keyboard Harmony II Two (2) semester hours required.

Prereq(s): MUS 153.

Performance Area – Twelve (12) semester hours required.

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
  • MUA 200 - Music Ensembles Credit(s): Four (4) semester hours required.

    Eight (8) semester hours required.

    MUA 201P - Applied Music for the Music Major/Minor


    MUA 201C - Applied Music for the Music Major/Minor


    MUA 301 - Applied Music for the Music Major/Minor


    MUA 401 - Applied Music for the Music Major/Minor

    Prereq(s): by full-time faculty invitation only. Available in senior year only.

    Music Electives – Eight (8) semester hours required.

    Two (2) electives in music, one of which must be at the 300 level or above – Eight (8) semester hours required.