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Physics Minor

Meet the Faculty

Physics encompasses more than the study of matter and energy. It seeks general principles behind phenomena as diverse as wispy elementary particles and gigantic galaxies.

Physics courses provide a pathway towards that understanding through laboratory and computer analysis and mathematical and computer modeling. Our laboratories are especially well equipped and our major emphasizes the development of sound laboratory skills. The major also stresses mathematics, the language of physics.

Physics provides a foundation for students interested in engineering – the application of physical principles to the design of products and processes needed in today’s technological world. Future engineers may concentrate in physics for the first three years at Rollins and then transfer to one of the engineering schools with which the college participates in a 3-2 dual-degree program. For further information, contact the coordinator, Christopher Fuse.

Some graduates teach or work in industry while others pursue masters of business administration degrees (M.B.A.). Many physics majors go on to graduate school in specialized areas of physics, while others continue in such fields as astronomy, oceanography, materials science, and applied physics. Since physics majors know how to solve problems and use technology, they find interesting jobs with or without a higher degree.

Required Foundational Courses (8)

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
MAT 111 - Calculus I

Prereq(s): High school pre-calculus or equivalent.

MAT 112 - Calculus II

Prereq(s): MAT 111.

PHY 130 - Principles of Physics I

Co-requisite(s): MAT 111 or equivalent preparation.

PHY 131 - Principles of Physics II

Prereq(s): PHY 130.

Co-requisite(s): MAT 112 or equivalent preparation.

PHY 220 - Math Methods for Physical Sciences I

Prereq(s): MAT 112 or equivalent preparation.

PHY 221 - Math Methods for Physical Sciences II

Prereq(s): PHY 220.

PHY 230 - Modern Physics

Prereq(s): PHY 131.

PHY 308 - Mechanics

Prereq(s): PHY 131 and PHY 220.

Co-requisite(s): PHY 221 or consent.

Elective Requirement (1)

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
PHY 300 - Introduction to Thermodynamics

Prereq(s): PHY 220.

PHY 314 - Electromagnetic Theory I

Prereq(s): PHY 131 and PHY 221.

PHY 411 - Modern Optics

Prereq(s): PHY 221 and PHY 230.

Co-requisite(s): PHY 412.

PHY 451 - Quantum Physics I

Prereq(s): PHY 221.