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Art History Minor

Meet the Faculty

The art history minor familiarizes students with the visual culture of societies from prehistory to the present day, strengthening students’ understanding of art and culture through the analysis and interpretation of works of art as primary evidence in relation to historical events, politics, religion, social life, and other art forms. The minor teaches students a variety of scholarly art historical and archaeological methodologies; emphasizes the development of strong critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills; and promotes visual literacy and interdisciplinary study of a diverse array of sociopolitical and theoretical issues. The minor also supports and adds valuable knowledge and skills to majors such as studio art, history, philosophy, critical media and cultural studies, English, modern languages, and classical studies, and anthropology.

Minor Requirements

Six (6) courses are required: two (2) beginning courses, two (2) intermediate electives, and two (2) advanced electives at the 300-level or higher.

Core Courses

(2 of 3 options)
Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ARH 110 - Introduction: Ancient-Medieval Art
ARH 120 - Introduction: Renaissance-Modern Art


ARH 140 - Introduction to Global Art


ARH 145 - Introduction to African Art

Intermediate Electives (2 courses)

Complete two (2) intermediate elective courses (200-level)

Advanced Electives

Complete two (2) advanced elective courses (300-level or higher)

Breadth Distribution

Within electives above, students must demonstrate breadth in three of the following areas.


Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed

Ancient/Medival (courses ending in 10’s)

ARH 212 - Special Studies: Ancient and Medieval
ARH 213 - Art and Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East
ARH 215 - Art and Archaeology of the Greek World
ARH 217 - Art and Archaeology of the Roman Empire
ARH 311 - Etruscan and Early Roman Archaeology
ARH 310 - Archaeology of Food and Dining in Antiquity
ARH 312 - Archaeology of Slavery in Antiquity

Early Modern (Courses ending in 20’s)


ARH 222 - Special Studies: Early Modern Art
ARH 223 - Italian Renaissance Art
ARH 225 - Northern Renaissance Art
ARH 227 - European Baroque Art

Modern (Courses ending in 30’s)


ARH 232 - Special Studies: Modern Art
ARH 234 - American Art
ARH 233 - European Art
ARH 235 - 20th Century Art

Prereq(s): Sophomore standing or instructor consent.

ARH 321 - Topics in Early Modern Art
ARH 327 - Rome: Caravaggio and Bernini
ARH 332 - Topics in Modern Art
ARH 337 - Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

Prereq(s): ARH 202 or instructor consent.

ARH 339 - History of Photography

Global (Courses ending in 40’s)

ARH 242 - Special Studies: Global Art
ARH 340 - Topics in Global Art
ARH 341 - African Art and Colonialism
ARH 160 - History of Western Architecture
ARH 262 - Themes in Art History
ARH 350 - Contemporary Art and Theory

Prereq(s): Sophomore standing.