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Studio Art Major

Meet the Faculty

Students may major in art history or studio art. Majors take a set of core courses, then choose electives. Minors complete six courses in art history or studio art.

This sequence of required core courses enables students to develop skills, concepts, and critical awareness about art and society

The studio art major includes a core of foundation courses that introduce students to the fundamental concerns of the art making process. Advanced level courses build upon this foundation and provide each student the opportunity to create individualized programs that reflect his/her interests. Through both practice and theory, developing artists refine their skills and techniques, expand their creative and imaginative capacity, and develop critical and analytical judgment. The major culminates in a senior-year, juried group art exhibition at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum (participation is contingent on the quality of work produced). The rigorous process involved in preparing for a professional-level exhibition provides students with the practice necessary to be working artists while also preparing them for advanced study at the graduate school level.

Students declaring a studio major should contact their advisor or the Art and Art History Department chair (in cases where an advisor belongs to another department) to discuss course sequencing and to complete the degree-planning sheet.

Major Requirements

Twelve (12) courses are required: Two (2) foundation courses, four (4) core courses, four (4) electives, and two (2) art history courses. Two (2) of the required four (4) electives must be at the 300-level or higher. A successful Junior Year Portfolio Review with all Studio Art faculty is required to be able to enroll in the Senior Studio capstone courses.

Foundation Courses

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ART 110 - Two-Dimensional (2D) Foundations
ART 120 - Three-Dimensional (3D) Foundations

Core Courses

Studio Courses

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ART 230 - Introduction to Digital Media

Prereq(s): ART 110 and ART 120, or instructor consent.

ART 350 - Contemporary Art & Theory: Research and Process

Prereq(s): ART 110 and ART 120, or instructor consent.

ART 440 - Senior Studio
ART 450 - Senior Seminar

Prereq(s): ART 440.

Art History Courses

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ARH 120 - Introduction: Renaissance-Modern Art

*Students must complete one additional Art History course from the following list:

Course NameCrs:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ARH 110 - Introduction: Ancient-Medieval Art
ARH 140 - Introduction to Global Art
ARH 145 - Introduction to African Art


Two (2) intermediate studio courses at the 200 level or above, and two (2) advanced studio courses at the 300 level or above.

Junior Portfolio Review

This Junior Portfolio Review and the accompanying Senior Exhibition Proposal is mandatory for all juniors and transfer students. The review takes place the spring semester of the junior year following successful completion of ART 110 , ART 120 , ART 230 , and one ARH course.