Oct 23, 2020  
2019-20 Hamilton Holt Undergraduate 
2019-20 Hamilton Holt Undergraduate

Education - Secondary Education Minor

Students who intend to teach in middle or high school must complete a major in the intended teaching area. Only the following majors are appropriate for the Secondary Education minor.

Social Science

Certification in music covers grades K-12. Therefore, all music majors must enroll in EED 319 - Integrated Arts in the Elementary School .

In Addition

students must complete the following, required, three-course (13-semester-hour sequence):

*These courses require concurrent registration: EDU 417  and EDU 417L .

#These courses require concurrent registration: EDU 335  and EDU 407 .

Student Teaching

All students seeking a major in Elementary Education or a minor in Secondary Education must complete a teaching internship in their major or minor field. Graded on a credit/nocredit basis, Student Teaching involves full time participation for fifteen (15) weeks in an approved area school. Students are not permitted to take additional coursework during the student teaching semester and are discouraged from working beyond student teaching.

Juniors may apply for Student Teaching only after meeting the following requirements:

  • completion of prerequisite coursework for EDU 490  or EDU 491 , Student Teaching, and
  • overall GPA of 2.5.

Undergraduates must submit applications for Student Teaching to the Director of Field Internships by:

February 20 for fall placement or September 20 for spring placement.

After approval for Student Teaching, seniors enroll in the following courses concurrently:

Additional Requirements

Prior to Student Teaching, students must successfully complete the initial ETEP review. Prior to graduation, students must successfully complete the final ETEP review.

Any student not approved for Student Teaching has the right to appeal to the Education Review Committee. In exceptional cases when a student needs to take a course during student teaching, the student must submit a written appeal explaining the circumstances. This appeal must be submitted to the Director of Field Internships at the same time as the student teaching application.

All Elementary Education majors and Secondary Education minors in English (6-12) must successfully complete the coursework required for the Florida English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement. Coursework for Elementary Education majors includes EDU 271 , EDU 280 , EDU 324 , EDU 406 , RED 409 , RED 409L , and EDU 490 . Coursework for Secondary Education minors in English (6-12) includes EDU 271 , EDU 280 , EDU 324 , EDU 335 , EDU 407 , EDU 417 , EDU 417L , and EDU 491 . These courses are part of the already existing state approved teacher certification programs in Elementary Education and Secondary Education.