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2020-21 College of Liberal Arts 
2020-21 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Major

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Meet the Faculty

The Department of English curriculum offers a flexible and challenging set of opportunities that allows all students to experience a wide range of approaches to literature, film, and writing. The goal of the curriculum is to provide a developmental path emphasizing skills that will serve majors beyond graduation. The diversity in our course offerings provides each student the opportunity to create an individualized program that reflects her/his interests and passions.

Major Requirements

Students majoring in English are required to complete the following program of twelve (12) four-credit courses. You typically begin with ENG 190 Texts and Contexts then must take at least two ENG or ENGW courses at the 200-level, building skills in interpreting language and literature. Our 300-level courses include a focus on integrating language and literature with critical, historical, and literary contexts; students must take six (6) ENG or ENGW courses at the 300-level or above. Finally, at the 400-level students become contributors to language and literature producing substantive original work; majors must take at least one ENG or ENGW course at the 400-level.

  • ENG 190 - Texts and Contexts  
  • Two (2) ENG or ENGW courses at the 200 level: Interpreting language and literature
  • Two (2) ENG or ENGW courses at the 300 level: Integrating language and literature
  • One (1) ENG or ENGW course at the 400 level: Contributing to language and literature
  • Six (6) ENG or ENGW elective courses, four (4) at the 300 level or above

Students majoring in English are encouraged to develop their majors in close consultation with an English Department faculty advisor.

Majors must also submit a representative senior portfolio on or before the second Friday in April for May graduation, the second Friday in July for August graduation, the second Friday in October for December graduation, and participate in a graduation conversation with faculty.

Notes: Only one course may count toward two distribution requirements. All students must take their advanced prose style or language studies requirement by the second semester of their junior year. ENGW 140, 225, or 280 (formerly ENG 300) may not be used as an elective in the English major.


Distribution Requirements

As you progress through these developmental courses, you will also explore the breadth of literary and linguistic production.  For these distribution requirements, you must take:

Two (2) courses in literature before 1900

  • ENG 20X/30X/40X

One (1) course in transnational literature

  • ENG 22X/32X/42X

One (1) course in advanced prose style or language studies.


Policies for the Major

Students majoring in English may take up to two (2) approved literature electives outside the Rollins College Department of English after matriculating. (Transfer students majoring in English must take at least one-half of their English major requirements at Rollins and must have their programs approved by the Department Chair before taking additional electives outside Rollins.)

Students in both the English major and the writing minor may count only one (1) course toward both programs.

English majors must take their 400-level required English (ENG) elective course at Rollins.

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