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2021-22 College of Liberal Arts 
2021-22 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Minor

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The Psychology Minor uses the methods and content of psychological science to teach students to:

  1. understand the reasons behind their own and others’ behavior
  2. become competent and critical decision makers
  3. respect human diversity and
  4. fulfill their social responsibilities.

The minor in psychology is a great supplement to any academic course of study for students who would like to learn how to conduct scientific research and understand people better.

Students completing the minor in psychology possess breadth of knowledge pertaining to historical and current perspectives in the field. Students also should be able to understand and use the research methods and statistics that are the core of psychological science.

Beyond the foundational and scientific core classes, we recommend that students select the appropriate domain courses to complement their major or primary emphases of study in consultation with a psychology faculty member.

Minor Requirements

Seven (7) courses are required.

Domains in Psychology

Three (3) 300-level courses from three (3) domains, one of which must be a w/Lab course.

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