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2018-19 College of Liberal Arts 
2018-19 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Asian Studies Major

Meet the Faculty

The Asian Studies major provides students the opportunity to study in depth one of the most important regions in the world. The importance of Asia derives from its large population, long history, complex and diverse societies and cultures, and rising economic significance. As the peoples and nations of the world become increasingly interconnected, successful leaders will benefit from a mastery of this key region.

The Asian Studies major combines courses in history, culture, politics, business, and economics with those from modern languages and an array of electives from other disciplines. Students majoring in Asian Studies are expected to:

  • develop an understanding of the historical, cultural, political and economic forces that have shaped modern Asia,
  • master the rudiments of an Asian language, and
  • experience cultural immersion through study abroad in at least one Asian country.

Students will complete an international experience in Asia. Currently Rollins offers such experiences in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Osaka.

The Asian Studies major is designed to educate Rollins students for active citizenship and ethical leadership in a global society, and to prepare graduates for productive careers. The major spans a variety of academic departments and students are required to incorporate courses from different departments.

Major Requirements

Requirements for the Asian Studies major are: eleven (11) courses, including four (4) from the history and culture category, four (4) from political economy, two (2) courses in an Asian language beyond the 100 level, and a senior capstone. There are three options for fulfilling the senior capstone requirement for Asian Studies: (1) completing ASA 400 Senior Capstone Seminar  (normally done through an Independent Study), (2) completing a 400-level senior seminar course in HIS, REL, ECO, INB/BUS, or POL in which the student completes an Asia-related final research paper, or (3) completing a two-semester honors thesis for Honors in the Major for Asian Studies.  At least six (6) courses must be taken at the upper division (300-400) level and no more than three (3) courses can be in any single department.

International Experience

Students are highly encouraged to participate in a semester-long stay in one of the Asian Studies approved programs or universities, from which a maximum of four (4) pre-approved courses may be counted towards the major. At a minimum, however, students are required to complete a seminar course, followed by one (1) academically-based study trip to Asia.

Residency and Distribution

Asian Studies majors must take all core courses at Rollins (except for courses taken by transfer students prior to admission to Rollins), and at least one-half of all courses for the major must be taken at Rollins (no exemption for transfer students). Also, at least one-half of all courses for the major must be at the 300-400 level.

Foreign Language Requirement

To accommodate students with different learning styles and abilities, the foreign language study requirement may be satisfied in one of two ways.

  • First, students may take and successfully complete two (2) college-level courses (eight semester hours) or the equivalent in a single Asian language at the intermediate 200 level or beyond.
  • Second, the two-course requirement may be waived by demonstrating ‘native proficiency’ in a modern Asian language, as determined by the Rollins College Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. If the language is not taught at Rollins, the two-course (200 level) requirement may be waived by demonstrating a proficiency in a modern foreign language at the ‘advanced’ level by passing a standardized test administered by the ACTFL Testing Office. Information and application forms for these tests can be obtained from the Rollins College Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Receiving a foreign language waiver does not reduce the total number of courses required for the Asian Studies major (11). Students receiving such a waiver are required to take two (2) additional courses in either the history and culture or political economy categories.

Asian Studies Courses

Required Courses

All Asian Studies majors must take the following courses: