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2018-19 College of Liberal Arts 
2018-19 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics Major

Meet the Faculty

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is its commitment to quality teaching, which promotes active learning on the part of students. Faculty work closely with students to ensure that each has a successful educational experience. To this end, the department has been involved in the calculus reform movement since its beginnings and, as a result, non-lecture methods, coupled with technology, are used in many classes.

The Rollins mathematics curriculum is flexible enough to prepare a major for a wide choice of career options, such as graduate work in pure or applied mathematics, statistics, economics, secondary education, actuarial science, government, industry, or law.

Major Requirements

Fourteen (14) courses are required: ten (10) core courses and four (4) electives.


Four (4) additional courses in mathematics: two (2) at or above the 300 level and two (2) at the 400 level.

Typical Schedule

There are a variety of ways in which students interested in mathematics can complete the major. However, by the end of the junior year, majors should complete all core courses numbered 330 or below and have taken one elective. This will leave MAT 455 /MAT 475 , MAT 485 , and three electives for the senior year.

Education - Secondary Education Minor

Education - Secondary Education Minor