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2018-19 College of Liberal Arts 
2018-19 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Major

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The psychology Major and Minor use the methods and content of psychological science to teach students to:

  1. understand the reasons behind their own and others’ behavior
  2. become competent and critical decision makers
  3. respect human diversity and
  4. fulfill their social responsibilities.

With an emphasis on experiential learning and laboratory courses, scientific rigor, quantitative literacy, and verbal and written communication skills, the psychology major provides an excellent background for students planning to join the workforce upon graduation and for those planning to continue their education in graduate school.

Students need to consult a departmental advisor as early as possible to plan course selections. Because of the structure of the major, transfer students should expect to spend at least two (2) years in the Rollins program to complete major requirements.

Major Requirements

Twelve (12) courses and a comprehensive exam are required.

Domains in Psychology

  • Seven (7) courses, one each from four domains, three of which must be laboratory courses:
    • Domain I: Behavioral & Biological (BB Titles)
    • Domain II: Cognitive Neuroscience (CN Titles)
    • Domain III: Developmental (DV Titles)
    • Domain IV: Individual & Social (IS Titles)

Additional Requirement

  • Completion of a comprehensive examination during the senior year.