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2018-19 College of Liberal Arts 
2018-19 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish Major (non-native speakers)

Meet the Faculty

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures embraces language, literature, and culture. Advanced courses prepare students for graduate study, research, teaching, or the use of foreign languages in professional fields.

The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures recognizes that it may be beneficial for students to engage in online language courses to maintain or to advance their language skills; however, the department will NOT accept online language courses as fulfillment of the Foreign Language Competency.

The department offers majors and minors in Spanish, as well as minors in French, German and Russian.


The department offers two programs for majors – one for native speakers, the other for nonnative speakers. Because native speakers vary in language proficiency, faculty determine whether to classify a student as a native speaker.

Major Requirements

Eleven (11) courses are required above the 100 level.

Diagnostic Test for All Spanish Majors

All prospective Spanish majors must take a diagnostic test, ideally in sophomore year. Faculty administer the test during spring term and discuss results with each student. Transfer students should take the exam as soon as possible after matriculating at Rollins.

Senior Capstone Seminar in Spanish

  • SPN 497 Senior Capstone Seminar, a required, 1/2-unit course, meets once a week during the spring. It helps majors prepare for the final, comprehensive, capstone exam in Spanish, which tests student abilities in all areas of Spanish language and Hispanic literature and culture. Faculty provide suggested and required bibliography.

Study Abroad

Qualified Rollins students may participate in foreign study programs by:

  • applying for admission to a foreign university;
  • applying for admission to an approved foreign-study program administered by another U.S. college, university, or consortium; or
  • participating in Rollins College’s own overseas programs. Rollins offers a summer and semester program in Spain and occasional programs in places like Russia, Germany, and France.

Students who choose either of the first two options must complete request-for-study-abroad forms available at the Office of International Programs. With approval of the department, courses in accredited academic programs abroad may count toward a language major, if taken in the foreign language.