May 27, 2024  
2020-21 College of Liberal Arts 
2020-21 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Academic Oportunities

International Programs and Study Abroad  

Academic Internships  

Independent Study-Research-Tutorial  

Independent studies, classified as either research or internship, offer students an opportunity for specialized study meant to encourage intellectual curiosity, initiative, and sustained effort. An independent study cannot normally duplicate a course that is regularly offered. 

Students may apply no more than three independent study (research and/or internship) courses to the bachelor’s degree, of which no more than two may be internships. No more than two independent studies may be within one’s major or minor area of study. Independent studies may not be used to fulfill major/minor core or general education requirements.

Community Engagement  

Special Programs

Honors Program  

Combined and Cooperative Degrees