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2023-24 College of Liberal Arts 
2023-24 College of Liberal Arts


Career Services

The Office of Career Services assists students and alumni in the career development process, focusing on self-assessment, career exploration, and career decision-making. The center provides a variety of services and resources including career counseling and planning, career information programs, experiential education and identification of employment opportunities. These services and resources are delivered in ways designed to reinforce the personal, social and intellectual development fostered by a liberal arts education.

For more information, the Office of Career Services, 407- 646-2195, or www.rollins.edu/careerservices.

Careers in Law

The Center for Prelaw Advising at Rollins is designed to help prepare students for admission to law school. Students who have an interest (even if tentative) in attending law school following graduation from Rollins are encouraged to register at the Center early in the freshman year. Students will, at their request, receive assistance during their years at Rollins in addressing questions, choosing courses, and otherwise preparing for law school.

The Center offers:

  • programs designed especially for students interested in the study of law, including meetings with leading judges, lawyers, public figures, and others;
  • practice LSAT examinations, individual conferences with analysis and guidance in preparing for the formal test (normally taken in the junior year);
  • assistance in securing special internships, clerkships with local law firms, and summer employment in the courts or with law firms.

The Center keeps in touch with leading law schools and stays current with the law school admission requirements. For more information, Dr. Eric Smaw, Director of Prelaw Advising, 407- 691-1752.

Careers in Health Related Professions

The Rollins Health Professions Advising Program   is designed to help students prepare for admission into schools of human medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, and other health-related graduate programs. As it takes a minimum of two years to meet entrance requirements of these professional schools, students are encouraged to register with the Chief Health Professions Advisor and begin the appropriate course of study early in their college careers. The Health Professions Advising Program is coordinated by the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC), which may be composed of faculty from the natural sciences, humanities, or social sciences.

The Committee and the Chief Health Professions Advisor provide the following services.

  • Furnishes information on the appropriate course of study for each type of professional school.
  • Generates and disseminates data about health careers.
  • Maintains communications with regional health professional schools.
  • Promotes student interaction with community professionals and health organizations.
  • Advises students on the value of extracurricular and experiential activities in professional school admission.
  • Assists students in preparing for admission examinations.
  • Provides information and help in the application process.
  • Collects information on each pre-professional student and conducts a formal interview.
  • Provides a formal Committee evaluation to professional schools for each student requesting one.