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2023-24 College of Liberal Arts 
2023-24 College of Liberal Arts

Hamilton Holt Graduate Accelerated Program (GAP-Fast Track)

The Hamilton Holt School offers an accelerated pathway leading to the B.A./A.B. and a Holt graduate degree by allowing students to earn up to 18 credits at Rollins College that could be applied to the fulfillment of both undergraduate and graduate program requirements. Holt and College of Liberal Arts (CLA) students accepted into this accelerated program have the opportunity to take graduate level coursework in Holt during their senior year which will simultaneously fulfill undergraduate general elective requirements* as well as apply toward graduate degree requirements in a participating Holt graduate program. 

Eligible undergraduate students must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average to apply to the graduate program during their junior year. Provisionally admitted Rollins undergraduate students will be permitted to enroll in up to 18 graduate credit hours in a participating Holt graduate program* upon achieving senior status during their undergraduate program of study. Eligible graduate coursework completed as a senior will be used to fulfill undergraduate general elective requirements* (up to 18 of the total 140 credit hours required) and will later be applied toward the Holt graduate program to which the student has been admitted.

  • Students interested in this accelerated pathway should apply for a participating graduate program during their junior year. Note graduate admission deadlines for Fall term start dates. Accelerated program deadlines may be set earlier than program deadlines to provide sufficient time for advising and planning.
  • Note that undergraduate students may NOT take graduate courses in Thesis, Independent Study, Tutorials, or Internship.Participating students may enroll in up to 18 credits of graduate coursework while enrolled as undergraduate students in Fast-Track. Under no circumstances may the undergraduate credit hours earned at Rollins be less than 120 semester hours, or the graduate semester hours earned at Rollins be less than 30 semester hours.
  • Participating students are limited to maximum of 9 credits of graduate coursework each semester as undergraduate students.
  • Participating students must maintain good academic standing while enrolled in the accelerated program. Note that a cumulative GPA of 3.0+ is recommended for admission to all Holt graduate programs.
  • Please note that graduate coursework taken as an undergraduate student at Rollins College while enrolled in this accelerated program is intended to be applied to participating graduate programs here at Rollins College. It is unlikely that graduate coursework used to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements would be transferrable to another university since graduate schools do not generally accept any transfer courses that were already applied toward the completion of a degree program.
  • The graduate courses taken will be used to fulfill undergraduate elective hours regardless of the student’s final decision to matriculate in the graduate program after graduation. Note that students may not triple count graduate courses to fulfill other undergraduate graduation requirements beyond the approved general electives (e.g., general education, competencies, major or minor requirements*).
  • Participating undergraduate students must get prior approval from the respective advisors (undergraduate and graduate) on all graduate courses to ensure applicability to and fulfillment of the two degree program requirements.
  • Graduate hours taken will fulfill the Holt residency requirement.

*Undergraduate and graduate programs residing in the same department (i.e., Education) may permit use of graduate courses to fulfill other undergraduate program requirements if course content is the same (department chair approval required).