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2023-24 College of Liberal Arts 
2023-24 College of Liberal Arts



The Writing Center, staffed by trained peer consultants from across the curriculum, welcomes writers at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming, to revising, to final editing. Writers of all abilities benefit from putting their work before an audience. Through one-on-one conversations and occasional group sessions, consultants serve Arts and Sciences, Hamilton Holt School, and Master of Liberal Studies students, sharing strategies, questioning rhetorical choices, and summarizing their discussions for both clients and faculty members.

The Peer Tutoring Program hires and trains faculty-nominated peer tutors to help students understand and improve learning in specific courses. Since peer tutors have recently succeeded in these courses, they can often convince student clients to try more effective and efficient reading, learning, and problem-solving techniques. They then monitor students strategic use of these skills in later sessions, both individual and group. In addition, tutors give feedback on students understanding of course concepts in the early stages of writing. Professors and student clients receive copies of tutoring notes made during each session.

Academic Advising Support Services assist faculty advisors in helping students clarify and set academic goals, interpreting general academic requirements, and developing strategies for success. Professional staff provide advising support for students experiencing academic difficulty, students submitting academic appeals, first-year and transfer student registration, and for students pursing the Accelerated Management Program. Other services include workshops and instructional sessions on time management, study skills, academic and career planning, test anxiety, and reading and note-taking strategies.

International Student Services provides a variety of services for international students planning on enrolling or enrolled at Rollins College. The office acts as a resource center for students, faculty, and administrators and seeks to develop a supportive on-going relationship with each international student. The International Student Services Coordinator helps students understand how to maintain legal immigration status, obtain legal employment authorization, and learn more about U.S. culture and higher education.

Services for Students with Disabilities provides assistance to students with documented disabilities as they become independent and successful learners within the academically competitive environment of the College. It is the responsibility of the student who will be seeking accommodations for a disability to contact the Disability Services Coordinator. For more information on policies and procedures, www.rollins.edu/student-success/disability-services/disability-services.html.

For more information, or to make an appointment, 407- 646-2354.