May 22, 2024  
2022-23 Crummer Graduate School of Business 
2022-23 Crummer Graduate School of Business [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ENT 613 - Raising Capital for Entrepreneurs

This course starts with forming a company and deciding how to allocate the initial equity among the founders, then funding the early stage of the startup by the founders, friends, and family investors. Each class session covers a different phase of capital raising including placing a valuation on the company for each phase and the terms that are typically found in deals with angel investors, venture capital investors, strategic partners, and others. Teams negotiate the terms for each type of financing with the instructor playing the role of the investor. Other sources of capital are discussed including grants from governmental agencies, loans from small business investment companies, and, at a later stage, loans from commercial banks. We then take the company through an initial public offering.

Concentrations - Entrepreneurship / Finance

Credits: 3

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