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2022-23 Crummer Graduate School of Business 
2022-23 Crummer Graduate School of Business [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MGT 611 - Negotiations in Business

The purpose of this course is to help you develop an analytical understanding of negotiation and the management of differences so you can become more effective problem solvers in the face of conflict. This is a course in critical thinking and decision-making. The need for bargaining and dispute resolution skills arises wherever joint decision-making is necessary. The context may be bi-lateral, or it may involve three or more interested parties, each with veto power over any solution. As in most decision-making, the aim of effective negotiation is not simply to reach an acceptable outcome for all participants but to create optimum value in the deal-making process for all participants. In that light, students with an interest in managing any enterprise, including all areas of business, non-profits, and government, should find the lessons of this course useful. Negotiating skills are as critical as technical skills for effective managers. Moreover, managers are increasingly confronted with conflicting viewpoints offered by subordinates as firms emphasize employee participation in the operation of the enterprise. The effective manager will secure cooperative resolution to such conflict using negotiation skills.

Concentrations - Entrepreneurship

Credits: 3

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