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2020-21 Hamilton Holt Undergraduate 
2020-21 Hamilton Holt Undergraduate [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Jewish Studies Minor

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The Jewish studies program focuses on the academic investigation of the religion, history, and culture of the Jewish people and the study of the interaction of this culture with the civilizations of the world.

This program identifies and combines courses in the departments of philosophy and religion, English, modern languages and literatures, art, music, and anthropology. Time periods and geographical areas covered range from ancient Israel to contemporary American society. The multidisciplinary approach of the program includes biblical studies, history of religions, intellectual history, European studies, art, music, archaeology, literature, women’s studies, and philosophy.

The Jewish studies minor may be particularly beneficial for students interested in graduate studies in religious studies, international politics, history, comparative literature, modern languages, classics, or ancient Mediterranean studies. In addition, the Jewish studies minor would serve students who pursue the fields of education, social work, communal service, public administration, law, foreign service, the ministry and/or the rabbinate.

Requirements for the Minor

Six courses are required: two core courses (REL 125 and REL 217), three electives, and a senior independent study research paper.

Core Courses (2)

Required:  REL 125 and REL 217


Three of the following, two of which must be at the 300 level or higher.

  • ANT 255 Middle Eastern Culture Credit(s):
  • ARH 305 - Art and Archaeology of Classical Israel Credit(s):
  • ARH 498 - Summer Archaeological Excavations in Israel Credit(s):
  • Credit(s):
  • GMN 266 - The Holocaust Credit(s):
  • GMN 331 - Survey of German Literature I: Germans and Jews Credit(s):

  • HBR 101 - Elementary Hebrew Credit(s):
  • or

  • HBR 102 - Elementary Hebrew Credit(s):

  • HBR 201 - Intermediate Hebrew Credit(s):
  • Credit(s):
  • Credit(s):
  • PHI 314 - Spinoza: The First Secular Jew Credit(s):
  • PHI 319 - Evil and the Search for Meaning after the Holocaust Credit(s):
  • POL 304 - Middle East Politics Credit(s):

Senior Research

  • REL 498 - Senior Independent Study Credit(s):

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