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2020-21 College of Liberal Arts 
2020-21 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classical Studies Major

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Meet the Faculty

The program in classical studies embodies a tradition in learning and human understanding that began in the ancient world and became the core of liberal arts education. It also reflects intellectual and methodological developments that make the field exciting and relevant today – not only for majors and minors, but also for students fulfilling general education requirements. In addition to language classes, the program offers a broad selection of courses in literature, philosophy, history, theatre, art, and archaeology.

Major Requirements

Ten (10) courses are required.

Greek Civilization Core Courses (one Required)

Roman Civilization Core Course (required)

Ancient Language Proficiency

Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in an ancient language through the 202 (Intermediate II) level. To satisfy this requirement, students may take the Latin sequence. The Greek sequence will meet the requirement as well, but is offered on a tutorial basis only. Students with prior courses in Latin will be placed in the appropriate level according to the College’s rules for foreign language credit. Students who have scored a four (4) or five (5) on the Advanced Placement (AP) Exam for Latin will receive one (1) elective course credit towards the major and will only be required to take a total of nine (9) courses and may not take LAT 101  for credit.

Capstone Experience

At least one (1) of the following.

  • Study Abroad
  • Archaeological Excavation
  • A Capstone Thesis (CLS 498 /CLS 499 ) or Honors in the Major Field in Classical Studies

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