Dec 11, 2023  
2022-23 College of Liberal Arts 
2022-23 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Entrepreneurship Major

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Meet the Faculty

Turn your passion for making change into reality with a high-impact career. The Social Entrepreneurship major combines entrepreneurial thinking and action; cutting-edge problem-solving methodologies; understanding of current economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues; and best practices from business skill sets. The program positions you to find-or create-careers that apply innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. It enables you to build a career out of making the world a better place, and learn transferable tools for creating change across public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Major Requirements

The Social Entrepreneurship (SE) major requires fifteen (15) courses, including twelve (12) core courses, three (3) elective courses, an immersion experience, and a global experience. Engage with your local and global community, and work on projects with people leading change.

The major is compatible with the 3/2 program of the Crummer Graduate School of Business, in which students earn a B.A. and MBA in 5 years.

Electives (3)

Students must take at least three (3) of the following courses; at least two (2) must be at the 300-400 level (12 credits).  One (1) must be an SE class. 

The electives enable students either to design an ‘impact track’ targeting their personal SE passion (health, education, environment, development, poverty, inequality, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.) or to broaden their understanding of a variety of issues.  Social Entrepreneurship faculty can assist students interested in designing an ‘impact track’.   With permission from the Social Entrepreneurship department, MGT 101   or INB 200   may be used for a lower level elective.

*course may have additional prerequisite may be required

Immersion Experience

All SE majors are required to participate in one Immersion Experience. This requirement may be satisfied by participating in (a) a Rollins Immersion program or (b) an international service learning experience approved by the SE director. Rollins Immersion exposes students to critical cultural, social, political, and structural issues in the community through weekend and weeklong projects of civic and community engagement throughout the academic year. Rollins Immersion is rooted in the academic mission of Rollins to educate students for global citizenship and responsible leadership. Through direct community engagement, leadership development, multicultural education, discussion, and pre/reflection activities students will be immersed in the big challenges and questions that face communities in the 21st century. International service learning experiences also focus on social responsibility and enable students to practice global citizenship while engaging in service in a different culture. Students should document their immersion experience, and may be required to provide supporting evidence or write an essay describing their experience.

Global Experience

All SE majors are required to have a global experience. This requirement may be satisfied by: (a) participating in a Rollins semester abroad program, (b) participating in an approved Rollins study abroad course, (c) by experience as an international student studying in the U.S., or (d) by extensive experience living or working abroad at age 16 or older. Students may be required to document their global experience.

Residency and Distribution

SE majors must take all core courses at Rollins (except for courses taken by transfer students prior to admission to Rollins); at least one-half of all courses for the major at Rollins (no exemption for transfer students); at least one-half of all courses for the major at the 300-400 level.

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