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2022-23 College of Liberal Arts 
2022-23 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Critical Media and Cultural Studies Minor

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Meet the Faculty

The “critical” in critical media and cultural studies stems from our commitments to: 1) critical thinking, 2) critical theory’s analysis of social systems and the distribution of power and inequality, and 3) critical issues in our world today, including climate change, poverty, war, and mass incarceration. We ground our program in values of equity, human rights, and social justice.

Skills we hone in CMC include:

  • Deep thinking and analysis
  • Application of theory
  • Synthesis of research findings
  • Written communication
  • Media production, including proficiencies in photo, sound, and video editing
  • Oral communication and discussion facilitation
  • Collaborative learning
  • Multicultural understanding and competence
  • Social action, advocacy, and change

CMC aims to cultivate a community of intellectually curious, socially aware, and politically engaged citizens who can critically read media and cultural texts and produce effective oral, textual, and mediated arguments.

Each major will work with a CMC faculty advisor to create an area of concentration tailored to that student’s interests and goals, culminating in a semester-long senior capstone documentary project.

Minor Requirements

Two five-semester-hour courses and four four-semester-hour courses:

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