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2017-18 College of Liberal Arts 
2017-18 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

American Studies Major

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Meet the Faculty

American Studies is an interdisciplinary major/minor that educates students for responsible leadership and productive careers. It encourages students to use multiple academic disciplines and perspectives to explore the complexity and diversity of this nation’s history, literature, and culture. Students learn the role of ideas, discourse, and events in creating American culture. They examine the interplay of race, regional identity, politics, capitalism, globalization, and popular culture in developing an American identity.

Major Requirements

Majors complete ten (10) courses from at least five disciplines, including at least one class from each of the four core departments (English, History, Political Science, and Sociology). Students must also take at least one class from a department outside the four core departments. While study abroad is encouraged, a maximum of five (5) transfer courses will be counted toward the major.

Core Courses

Complete both of the following courses:

Complete two (2) of the following lower-level courses:

Elective Courses

Complete two (2) of the following upper level courses:

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