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2019-20 College of Liberal Arts 
2019-20 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

>>>Intersession 2020

Intersession-Spring 2020

ANT 295.I1 Cultural Appropriation and Representation in Film (CRN 10915)  

ANT 295.I2 Gay Activists & Drag Divas (CRN 10916)  

ANT 295.I3 Global Stories: the Global South Through Film (CRN 10917)  

ARH 295.I1 Art in Orlando (CRN 10925)  

ART 195.I1 The Visual Journal: Developing Creative Self-Reflection (CRN 10924)  

BIO 195.I1 Animal Conservation (CRN 10940)  

BUS 295.I1 How to Think Strategically (CRN 10926)  

BUS 295.I2 Managing Your Money (CRN 10927)  

BUS 295.I3 Leadership Portrayals in Art and Literature (CRN 10991)  

COM 195.I1 The Truth about Fake News (CRN 10919)  

ECO 195.I1 Practical Economics: Beyond the Rollins Bubble (CRN 10920)  

ENG 195.I1 The Plots of PIXAR (CRN 10921)  

ENG 295.I2 Auteur Theory: On Alfred Hitchcock & Film Criticism (CRN 10922)  

ENG 295.I3 Binge Mode: BoJack Horseman (CRN 10923)  

ENG 295.I4 Heroines in Sci-Fi Films: From Ripley to Rey (CRN 10946)  

ENG 295.I5 Mean Girls in American Literature and Film (CRN 10989)  

HIS 295.I1 World War I in Film (CRN 10928)  

HIS 295.I2 World War II in the Movies (CRN 10929)  

HPA 295.I1 Competitive Applications for Health Professions (CRN 10941)  

INT 295.I1 Lives of Moral Commitment (CRN 10942)  

INT 295.I2 Environmental Justice Immersion_CE (CRN 10930)  

INT 295.I3 How to Fail Successfully at College and in Life (CRN 10943)  

INT 295.I4 Job Market Boot Camp (CRN 10931)  

INT 295.I5 Exploring Race Through Dialogue (CRN 10944)  

PHI 195.I1 Nature in U.S. Thought: Wild America (CRN 10932)  

POL 195.I1 Can The Government do That? Controversial Issues in American Politics Today (CRN 10945)  

POL 295.I1 Politics of Sport in Film (CRN 10933)  

POL 295.I2 Permaculture & Environmental Ethics (CRN 10934)  

PSY 295.I1 The Madness of Stanley Kubrick (CRN 10935)  

PSY 295.I2 Art and the Brain (CRN 10936)  

RCC 195.I1 R-Compass Peer Mentorship (CRN 10918)  

SOC 295.I1 Inequality and lntersectionality in “Orange is the New Black” (CRN 10947)  

SPN 295.I2 Culture and Conversation: Spain (CRN 10937)  

SPN 295.I2 The Other Americans (CRN 10948)  



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