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2021-22 Hamilton Holt Undergraduate 
2021-22 Hamilton Holt Undergraduate [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Schedule of Fees (2021-22)

  Full course (4 semester hours) ($512 per semester hour) $2,048
  Half course (2 semester hours) $1,024
  Audited course ($50 per semester hour), no academic credit received  
Graduation Fee (B.A.)  $45
Late Payment Fee See below.

Tuition and fees are established by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change each fall. The tuition and fee schedule for graduate programs is published in relevant publications.

Students will be held financially responsible for registrations they initiate. Tuition is assessed on a term-by-term basis and is due by the published deadlines or at the time of new student registration. Financial aid recipients who have received their Rollins financial aid award letters may defer payment until their financial aid becomes available, but not past the end of the term. This deferment is a service to the student and does not constitute a guarantee of payment. Employer-sponsored students must have an original, approved corporate authorization form at the time of registration.

Late Fee Policy:

  • Late payment fee will be charged to all accounts (all programs) with a past due balance greater than $200.
  • Late payment fee will be charged on a monthly basis.
  • Late payment fee will be charged until the account goes to external collections, at which time the external collection costs will be incurred.
  • Late payment fee will be equal to 1% of the total past due balance.

Accounts unpaid at separation from the College will be referred to an external collection agency with a collection fee of up to 50 percent added to the outstanding balance. This debt will be reported to credit bureaus by the external collection agency.

In addition to monthly late fees, the college reserves the right to restrict services, contract for outside collections, and pursue legal action in the collection of any past due debt at the expense of the debtor. Collection costs can add an additional cost of up to 50% of the original debt. Accounts will remain encumbered until the past due balance has been paid in full. This will restrict college services including transcript release and registration for future terms. Accounts will remain on hold until the past due balance has been paid in full.

Monthly Payment Plan

Rollins College offers undergraduate and graduate students to pay education expenses monthly through their FoxPay account. The plan differs from a loan in that there is no interest rate or credit approval needed. A $50 enrollment fee allows students and families to spread estimated costs to allow for smaller, affordable payments each semester instead of paying your balance in one large lump sum.

Additional information is available on the Student Account Services website at


Refund Policy

During the fall and spring 15-week terms, refunds are made on the following basis: 100 percent first week of classes, 75 percent the second week of classes, 50 percent through the third week of classes. The refund schedule for short (summer term) or intensive (nontraditional format) courses is 100 percent first week of class 50 percent the second week of class. See the published refund schedule for specific dates each term at

Tuition refund dates and amounts are published online in each term schedule of courses and are strictly enforced. Refunds for withdrawals after the stated deadline will not be granted for: change in job assignment (duties, hours, travel, etc.), change in financial aid status and/or eligibility, lack of prerequisite knowledge or coursework, personal or family crisis or illness, relocation out of the area, or temporary duty assignment or transfer by the military.

Refunds will not be issued until the balance owed on a student account is paid in full, even if that balance includes charges for an upcoming term. Refunds will be based on the official date of withdrawal. Only official written withdrawals received will be considered.

In the event of withdrawal, Hamilton Holt School scholarship awards will be reduced by the same percentage of credit given against tuition. The percent of credit given against tuition is dictated by the College refund policy. Unused funds are returned to the general Hamilton Holt School Scholarship account and are not applicable to subsequent terms or registrations.


Alumni, Senior Citizens, Adjunct Faculty Discounts


Persons holding a Rollins bachelor’s or master’s degree from any program are eligible for a 20 percent tuition discount on undergraduate credit courses, except for a second bachelor’s degree program. An official transcript must be presented at registration to receive the discount. Alumni do not pay an application fee unless two years have elapsed from the date of graduation to re-enrollment.

Senior Citizens

Persons who are age 65 or over on the first day of class will receive a 20 percent discount on undergraduate academic courses taken for personal enrichment (not applied to a degree program). Proof of age must be presented at registration. The discount does not apply to already discounted audit courses or music lessons.

Adjunct Faculty and Their Families

Adjunct faculty who are currently teaching in any academic program or who have taught a course within one full year prior to the first day of class, their legal spouses living under the same roof, and their dependent children (as defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code) are entitled to a 20 percent tuition discount on Holt School undergraduate tuition costs. The discount does not apply to audited courses or music lessons.