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2021-22 Hamilton Holt Undergraduate 
2021-22 Hamilton Holt Undergraduate

International Affairs Major

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The International Affairs major prepares students for fulfilling careers in our rapidly changing world, from here in Central Florida to throughout the globe. Given globalization and the continued growth of interdependence among nation-states, students require broad and deep knowledge when it comes to cultural, economic, political, and business institutions of other countries. The major develops invaluable problem-solving skills and critical thinking around the intersection of these fundamental forces shaping our world today. Graduates have secured stints with Fulbright and the Peace Corps as well as careers in business and law, government and politics, the non-profit sector and media.  Others use their training as a stepping stone to graduate studies.

Requirements for the Major (12)

The International Affairs major requires twelve (12) courses spread over three subfields - three (3) culture or language courses, three (3) economics or business courses, four (4) history and politics (INAF) courses, and two (2) additional electives from any of these three subfields. Of the twelve total courses, at least half must be at the 300 level or above. One of these twelve must also be a 200-level language course, unless students test as bilingual/multilingual. And one of these twelve courses must be a senior year seminar with an advanced seminar paper.

Required Language

All majors who are not bilingual or multilingual must take at least one (1) language-learning class at the 200 level or above (e.g., SPN 201 or JPN 201). The language-learning course can count toward the cultures and languages area requirement. Students who are already bilingual (or multilingual) may test as proficient and that language and take a substitute cultural elective instead.  

Cultures and Language (3)

All majors must take at least one semester of a foreign language at the 200 level, at Rollins OR other accredited institutions. As of this publication, the Hamilton Holt School offers courses in Japanese and Spanish. Students who are already bilingual (or multilingual) may have the language requirement waived at the discretion of the director of the International Affairs Program.

Seminar (Select 1)

Students must complete a senior seminar with an advanced seminar paper.

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